Located near the Golf de Liège-Gomzé, Lafarques hotel will welcome you with pleasure


Lafarques, the ideal hotel after playing golf at Golf de Liège-Gomzé

The Golf de Liège-Gomzé offers a variety of landscapes to please every player. A lot of prestigious tournaments such as the BMW Cup, the ‘Bulles Laurent Perrier’, the ‘Tournament of the Musketeers’ have been organized, and even national finals, such as the Audi Quattro Cup.

The Golf de Liège-Gomzé and Lafarques hotel

Lafarques hotel is located near Liège. Enjoy this situation to spend the night in our hotel after playing golf at Golf de Liège-Gomzé. The total quietness, the discreet luxury, an exceptional place where you will feel at home.

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Lafarques, your hotel, between Liège and Spa, near Verviers